Whitsett, NC
Whitsett Town Administration:
Name Title Wk. Phone Alt. Phone
Ken Jacobs Administrator 336 449-3380 336 263-4774
Jo Hesson Clerk 336 449-3380
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Whitsett Enforcement Committee
Name Title Wk. Phone Alt. Phone
Ken Jacobs Administrator 336 449-3380 336 263-4774
Cindy Wheeler Council Member 336 446-8065
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The Town Administrator works under the direction of the Mayor and Town Council, serves as the chief administrative officer of the town; plans, directs, works directly with the Town Council and department heads in the administration of the day-to-day operations of the town; and performs all duties required by law; performs other duties as required by law and town ordinances; performs related work as may be required by the Mayor and Town Council.

The Town Clerk shall attend all meetings of the Town Council and shall regularly and fairly record all of their proceedings. Town Clerk shall also keep a well-bound book to be styled the code of ordinances, in which Clerk shall fairly and correctly transcribe all ordinances which are enacted by the Town Council. Clerk shall keep true, accurate, and just books of accounts of the dealings and transactions of the town.

The Enforcement Officer is appointed by Town Council to administer and enforce the provisions of the Town's Ordinance and to issue the permits and certificates consistent with the administrative responsibilities retained by the Town.
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