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    Town of Whitsett, North Carolina

Town Council:

The Whitsett Town Council is the governing body of the Town of Whitsett, and consists of five (5) elected members serving staggered four (4) year terms. The Town Council is responsible for the appointment and oversight of the Town Administrator, Enforcement Officer, Finance Officer, Town Attorney, Town Clerk, and Planning Board members.

The Town Council shall provide for the manner in which the provisions of the Town's Development and General Ordinances shall be determined, established, enforced, amended, supplemented, or changed.

Whitsett Town Council chose to sit as the Board of Adjustment subject to the provisions of Development Ordinance Article VIII.

The Mayor shall cause all ordinances of the Town to be enforced. It shall further be the duty of the Mayor, within 30 days or within a reasonable length of time after the close of each fiscal year, to require a report to the Town Council from the various departments of the Town Government for the previous year and recommend such adjustments as he may see fit. The Mayor shall perform those other duties as the Town Council may from time to time require. The Mayor shall be the Cheif Executive Officer of the town.

Town Council meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.
Public Hearings are held annually the second Tuesday in June, and as needed.

Whitsett Town Council:
Name Title Term Thru Phone
Richard Fennell Mayor 2023 336 449-7658
Jerry Rice Mayor Pro Tem 2023 336 449-7810
Lee Greeson Council Member 2021 336 254-5658
Craig York Council Member 2023 336 449-7101
Cindy Wheeler Council Member 2021 336 446-8065
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