Whitsett Building Permit Fees:


Development Clearance Certificate (Effective 08/14/2002):


Dependent on value of project, as assessed by the Enforcement Officer:


From $0 to $2000.00 Not Required

Over $2000.00 $15.00 Permit


*Unless a Gulford County permit is required

(Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)


**Exemption Repairs to current structures not requiring a Guilford

County permit.


Guilford County Fees may apply in addition to these local fees.


Planning Fee Schedule (Effective 03/09/2004):


Subdivision Fee $500.00 per plat, plus $100.00 per lot

Special Use Permit $750.00

Rezoning Fee $750.00

Variance Fee $250.00

Street & Easement Closings $250.00


Note: After obtaining a development clearance permit certificate from the Town of Whitsett,

The property owner is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits from Guilford County.