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    Town of Whitsett, North Carolina

Whitsett Fire & Rescue:
Chief, Larry Chrismon

809 N. C. Hwy. 61
Whitsett, NC 27377
(336) 449-7811
Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Whitsett Fire Department was founded in February 1971 to support 300 families who desperately needed a fire department. The first training meeting was held at what is now the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Equipment Includes:
. (2)Engines,
. Tanker, etc.

Services Include:
.Medical First Responders
.Vehicle Extrication
.Fire Protection
.Haz-Mat Awareness operations level

Station Info:
Number of Fire Stations: 1
Staff - Full Time, Part Time, & Volunteer.

Upcoming Events:
Annual Meeting, 3rd Monday of March

** *Always need volunteers***
****call (336) 449-7811 *********

Community Programs:
- Junior Firefighter Program
- Yellow Dot Program

Needed Equipment Fund Raisers:
(For Information Call 449-7811)
- Reflective Street Address Signs: call for price information

Class 6 Fire Protection Rating & Your Insurance

NC Forestry Service Burn Permit

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